Service Times: Sunday - 10:30am and Wednesday - 6:30pm Online LIVE Stream: Sunday - 10:30am
15001 Bailey Cove Road, Huntsville, AL 35803
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Stay Connected

We continue to look for ways to keep in touch with our members in this new environment, and want to encourage all of our members to stay engaged with the church throughout this pandemic. We utilize many tools to send out messages and wanted to remind everyone of the multiple ways you can stay in touch with the latest information concerning activities at Morningside.

1) Realm Connect – All of our messages are sent via the Realm Connect online application. We want this to be our hub for communicating within the church body, especially during times like these. We still have some members who have not registered and activated their accounts, so to help encourage everyone to sign up, we will be sending a reminder to those who have not registered yet. If you receive this email, please follow the instructions so that you may be connected with the rest of your church family through this tool. If you have not received an email, and do not have an account already set up, please email the office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to have your account created. Note: This app is only for church members. If you are not a member, you will not be able to get access to the application due to privacy reasons. The link or app can be used to access your account, but you must’ve already registered via the email sent from the office.

2) Morningside Web Page – Our web page has links to all of our social media sites, as well as training information, news, and ways to give your tithes. It’s available for members and non-members and is updated as we get information that needs to be posted to the public. The giving tab provides instructions on the multiple ways you can continue to tithe without attending a physical service.

3) Facebook – Our Facebook page is open to everyone, and we update it with event information as well as information about our Live streams and messages. It is not used for internal communications since it is a public resource. To keep in touch via Facebook, please visit our page below and ‘Like’ our page.

4) Twitter – Our Twitter page is new, and we are using it to announce when we are Live streaming our services, as well as short devotional messages from Marty. We have only just started using this service, so we do not have a lot of followers yet. We’d like to encourage everyone to find us on Twitter and ‘Follow’ us so that you are updated each time we send out a ‘Tweet’. You can search for ‘MBCHuntsville’ or go the link below to find us on Twitter.

5) YouTube – Our YouTube page is also new, and we are using it for the sole purpose of streaming our Live Services. We would like to encourage all of our members to help us grow our YouTube channel by visiting the link below and clicking on ‘Subscribe’ to join our channel and be alerted each time we post a new video. We intend to continue our streaming after the pandemic is over and we resume ‘normal’ services again. All of our videos will be archived on this channel for future viewing. This is quickly growing into a huge resource for reaching people we would otherwise not reach. Please help us by subscribing and encouraging others to visit our channel to view our service online. The more subscribers we have, the more our videos show up when people search for content on YouTube. We do not make any money off of our videos. It’s strictly an outreach resource.